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Intuitive Colour Connection

For over 10 years, I have had the honour of connecting people to colours that make an impact not only in their space, but also on their lives. Contrary to popular belief, paint is more than just a cheap way to make a change; connection is key when colour affects consciousness as well. My passion lies in that 64-pack of crayons we were all so eager to have as children‒and in helping people find that creative joy again.

In my experience, colour goes deeper than the traditional “blue is calming” psychology. Yes, blue is calming; however, it is also so much deeper than that. If we play with undertones, we can find blues that are exciting, cheerful, or even energetic! Long story short, it comes down to our own personal connection to colours and how our personal colour history affects our reaction.

Think back to when you were five. What was your favourite colour? How about when you were sixteen? And now? Even if you answered the same colour for each age, chances are the hue of that colour has changed many times over your years. As we age, our colour associations change—for both personal and scientific reasons.

Our personal experiences change our preferences based on our interaction with different colours. For example, say you really liked red when you were five, but later on had a crappy significant other with a red car who didn’t treat you well; and after some time spent driving in that red car and experiencing negativity, you eventually broke it off with that person. Chances are, you also subconsciously broke it off with the colour red as well.

On a more scientific level, our colour preferences change as we age to reflect the way we see colour. Believe it or not, our retina (the part of the eye where light enters) yellows as we age. Here’s an experiment for you: put a piece of coloured construction paper out in the sun for a day. It will become sun-bleached and lose its colour, yellowing and turning muddy. Our eyes do the same. So when a child wants a highlighter-green room, they are seeing that colour more clearly than we are—and experiencing it in a whole different light (pun intended). This is also why, as we age, we lose our colour confidence and need help reconnecting to the colours we once loved, as we no longer see them the way we did when we loved them.

Applying this knowledge to a room is both science and magic (it’s also why I love what I do). Colour Me has helped me create a tool that I call Intuitive Colour Connection, which helps people reconnect with colour and squash the fear of making a “wrong choice.” As I get to know you and your preferences, I am able to narrow down your choices to a colour family that speaks to you. We then focus on what it is you want to feel from that colour to find the right hue. Lastly, we tweak the hue to make it flow within the design of the space involved. In this way, everyone using the space becomes connected through colour.

By now you're probably realizing that my box of 64 crayons has grown up quite a lot since childhood, but has managed to keep its alluring magic. That box has become my colour kit with hundreds of colour options and something for everyone. So next time you find yourself facing that decorating dilemma of “what paint colour should I choose?” and feel overwhelmed by choices, remember that at Colour Me, we help you feel Inspired.

With Love from Colour Me,

Stephanie Knapp


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