• Tracee Sheldrake

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Stopping You From Creating an Extraordinary Life?

In my last newsletter I wrote about building your business from the INSIDE – OUT!  It is so interesting how things work and unfold because after I wrote that newsletter I was asked to be interviewed by Nancy Forrester about ‘Why I work the way I do with clients.’  One of the modalities I use to help people shift energy, release resistance to sales, stop procrastination and work confidently in their business is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, or better known as ‘Tapping’. I learned about tapping years ago when I had a private practice and worked with clients as a Psychotherapist.  I learned several different ways to work with my clients so they could clear blocks and release old traumas and beliefs instilled by their parents, teachers and society at large that were actually limiting them and the possibility to create extraordinary lives.  It was with great joy that I started seeing my clients break free and find joy in their work, relationships and with themselves. I wanted to share a story with you about a business client that I worked with and how EFT changed her direction, life and results.  She did give me permission to share this story, I’ve just changed the name for her privacy. Mary and I had been working together for several months when she came to me with the idea that she might give up her business.  She had been working in her business for several years and had achieved some success.  So, it came as a surprise when she thought about giving it up.  She said that her motivation was gone and didn’t know if she was making a difference anymore. Upon further investigation Mary admitted that her marriage had ended and she was grieving.  During this period of sadness not only did she lose the passion for her business but her confidence to help her clients was at an all-time low.  Boy did I identify with that!  It was so nice to be able to share from my own personal experience what happened when my marriage ended years earlier and that I had felt exactly the same way.  I was so grateful to be working with a coach at that time, who not only promised to hold my feet to the fire, so I didn’t lose ground with building my business, but worked on my grief with EFT/tapping. So, we tapped on our calls for a while instead of strategizing and everything changed.  The grief passed, the business continued to build and Mary and I both came back stronger, more confident and happier. The truth is just because we are business owners, it doesn’t mean life stops.  As business owners, we all go through different situations in our lives.  Marriages end, people pass on, traumas happen in different ways.  Life continues to move outside of the scope of what we do and when that happens, we are still expected to show up powerfully for our clients AND continue to look for new clients.  I am so grateful to understand this and offer my clients the additional level of coaching that truly makes a difference.  Julie Flippin Small Business Savvy

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