• Tracee Sheldrake

3 Things You Need to Rock Your Online Business

If you spend longer than about 35 seconds in the online business world, you’ll come across at least one expert telling you you need this, that, those and the lifeblood of your first born child in order to succeed.

This article is pretty much me doing exactly that… but with a bit of a difference. Yes, I’ll be sharing the three things that I consider an absolute necessity (both in business and life), but I’ll also be hitting you with all the stuff you don’t need.

Let’s start with the “do” list. Drive, Determination, Dedication… all the stuff we don’t hear too much about. You will not build a sustainable online business (or offline business, for that matter) without it. You need to be able to knuckle down, do the work, and occasionally make a few sacrifices to turn your dream into a reality.

YOU NEED THE SPARKLE.And no, I don’t mean the prancing unicorn/Snapchat filter/face glitter type of sparkle. I mean that thing that makes you interesting. You need something that sets you apart, a point of difference. The only way to stand out online is to, well, stand out online. And that takes the kind of bravery you need to go against the grain. Just say something, do something, BE something that isn’t exactly the same as everyone else. Running a business is about more than being “on trend”, it’s about being memorable and authentic..

This could be a signature way of working, it could be an innovatively packaged offer or it could be content infused with personality.

YOU NEED A BULLSHIT FILTER.I think this is the most important one, particularly if you’re not interested in going COMPLETELY INSANE.

You need to be able to wade through everyone else’s marketing messages and not just assume they’re truth.  By all means, soak in content and training offered by people who know what they’re talking about, but exercise some independent thought at the same time.

Be the objective, intelligent individual that you are. Take on the tips then test and tweak. If they work, aces! If they don’t, discard. Nobody has the one-size-fits-all solution for every problem you’ve ever had – no matter what they say.

So those are things you NEED to rock your online business.  Ready to read about the things you don’t need to get started and go, go, go?A bustling presence on every social platform.To feel comfortable on camera.A 3hr morning ritual.All of the courses.A team of 10.An “all the bells and all the whistles” website.  Just a proper website!Insightful mountain-top photography. Or whimsical “look at me frolicking around a city I’ve never actually been to before” photography.An expensive email marketing tool.Instagram props in the perfect shade of rose gold.A totally perfect product or service.Fancy schmancy lighting, microphones, cameras or backdrops.An aggressive launch strategy.Perfect makeup, a selfie habit and a Hollywood smile.Ironed clothes. Or let’s be real… a bra.To be able to do it all.I know. It’s impossible to go a single day without someone telling you do need one of these things, but you really don’t. By all means, bring them on board later if you like, but they will not be the catalyst for your success.

Leave me a comment with something you would add to the "what you need" and "what you don't need" lists!


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